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All of you know how much I love the junior senator from Illinois. Well, the Washington Post wrote a great story today about Barack Obama's absolute coolness (he can even sing well). Check it out. I don't think Barack will run, but I'm hoping he'll change his mind.

Also, if any of you missed Jack Murtha on Meet the Press this morning, check it out too. Murtha is planning to run for majority leader if Democrats take back the House, which I believe they will. I think he'd make a fantastic majority leader: he's exactly what I like in a Democrat, smart, tough, unapologetic, principled, honest, authentic, a straight-shooter, and non-ideological (he's a moderate Dem, I don't just like liberals). If we win back the House, I expect to support Murtha 100% for Majority Leader.


Rach C said...

Thanks for calling attention to this article, Adam. This article got me all worked up as well, but not in a good way.

I like Barack Obama. I think he's very charming and he speaks well and his personal narrative certainly makes for a compelling stump speech. But this article also raised some troubling questions as well-- mainly, what are we doing talking about nominating a man who would have less than a full term in the Senate by the time he would be running for president? This article raised the issue that Obama's legislative record, however impressive his speaking abilities may be, is lackluster at best. Obama is a superstar, there is no doubt. But were he to run for president in '08, he would be vulnerable to the exact same criticisms that felled John Edwards' White House ambitions in '04. (In fact, that criticism plagued him even as a vice presidential nominee. Remember this soundbite? "Dick Cheney can be president"?)

I just think that when Dems look toward Obama as a savior that they are misguided, pining away for another young, charismatic politician like Bill Clinton who can swoop in and save the party from flavorless, directionless party hacks.

OrSkolnik said...

One sentence to Murtha: we haven't won yet. We'll gain seats, but we'll need to work overtime to retake the House. If that happens, on November 8th we can talk about Murtha as majority leader. But looking to elect a majority leader now is pretty damn premature.