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So tonight I open up Firefox, and up pops a little red exclamation point. Pay attention to me!, it says. Something else nasty's going to happen with your weather!

However much I know that ignorance is bliss, I can't stop myself from clicking.

National Weather Service County - DCC001


"Where's the religious right claiming that this is God sending President Bush a message?" quoth a friend.

Well, I'm not sure, but He sure is hating on our fine capital city for some reason....


OrSkolnik said...

The relationship between God and nature is clearly selective. The arbiters of all things good and moral, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, can generally clear up any confusion between whether God meant to smite you and damn you to a fiery eternity of suffering or if it's just the weather. Let's recap:

9/11: Punishing us for homosexuality.
Katrina: "Could [it] be connected in some way" to us being pro-choice?
Sharon's Stroke: Punishing him for giving up God's land (which actually is a weird concept; isn't everything technically God's land? The God I believe in isn't really much of a title deed guy.)
Flooding in DC: Pretty clearly just the weather.

Sorry, Pam; Pat and Jerry say you're wrong.