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I'm sick and tired of Democrats not standing up to Republicans.

I'm sick and tired of caving in to Republican ploys to deceive and manipulate the American people's fears and doubts.

I'm sick and tired of Democrats not standing up to the President and this administration on this senseless and endless war.

I'm sick and tired of Democrats not going on the attack and demonstrating to the American people that Republicans are tearing our country apart.

I'm sick and tired of Democrats not proposing bold, visionary ideas to make our nation better.

I'm sick and tired of Democratic infighting between our party's leaders who are more concerned with their own egos, power trips, and territorial authority that they can't agree on what we need to do to win.

I'm sick and tired of these Washington consultants, pollsters, and handlers that destroy passion, leadership, inspiration, and vision in our politics.

I'm sick and tired of packaged Democrats who filter their words out through focus group and poll tested language.

I'm sick and tired of Democrats who would rather mindlessly follow the polls and the status quo of national opinion than lead the country by arguing and persuading Americans to come over to our point of view.

I'm sick and tired of losing elections, and even more sick and tired of "winning" elections only to get meek and cowardly Democrats who vote with the Republicans and don't propose Democratic ideas.

I'm really, really, really sick and tired.

But I'm hopeful.

Democrats are coming around and I'm seeing more and more Democrats standing up not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it's becoming politically popular.

Democrats, please, please, don't back down, don't cower in fear, stand up and fight, and we'll get your back.

Let's build an America we can truly believe in again.


Liz Fossett said...

liz hearts adam :)

man, i understand you, except you aren't in northern kentucky! blek.

let's take back our country. it starts here, now, and with us.