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The first debates for the New Jersey and Montana Senate races were broadcast yesterday. You can see the NJ debate here and the Montana debate will probably be up on C-SPAN in the next few hours. There will be another New Jersey debate tonight at 8 pm if you guys want to see Senator Menendez lay a smackdown on Tom Kean, Jr.

Democrats are cruising in Pennsylvania with Bob Casey up 15 points and Ed Rendell up 14 points in their respective races for Senate and Governor against Rick "man on dog" Santorum and Lynn "overturning Roe v. Wade will make abortion nationally illegal" Swann.

Senate Democrats won't commit to supporting the Democratic nominee in Connecticut even while Republicans say they will support the Republican nominee in Rhode Island (both Senators Chafee and Lieberman face tough primary battles from the right and left, respectively, and may run as Independents if they lose their primaries).

Israel sadly overreacts to a tragic assault on their soldiers, who were killed, wounded, and kidnapped by Gaza militants over the weekend. Israel is preparing to raid Gaza and send troops back in for the first time since their withdrawal last year.

Some gajillionaires have a soul. Warren Buffett is donating 85% of his fortune ($40 billion) to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. How exactly do people accumulate that much wealth when tax rates are so burdensome anyway? I guess American socialism as embodied in a graduated income tax and inheritance tax and capital gains taxes don't stimy entrepreneurship after all. Go figure!

The Supreme Court shows its stuff. They took up a case deciding whether carbon dioxide must be regulated by the EPA (maybe they'll understand that globaln warming is real, as is evidenced by the torrential rains that hit the Northeast and DC this weekend). Also, they struck down Vermont's campaign finance law which regulates campaign spending. Also, they uphold Kansas' death penalty in a 5-4 ruling. Who knows how Sandra Day O'Connor would have voted?

An Al-Qaeda terrorist becomes the leader of Somalia, Hamid Karzai is losing power in Afghanistan, and yet we're spending our time in Iraq. Misplaced priorities anyone?

Claire McCaskill is up six points in Missouri against Jim Talent. Looks like another Democratic woman in the Senate.


Rach C said...

This is a totally unfair characterization of Israeli actions in the Gaza and your classification of defensive Israeli actions as an "overreaction" is horrendously inapproriate. Israel's actions in Gaza were in reaction to the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. Their response was completely appropriate given the circumstances, and I like to think that if an American soldier were kidnapped by terrorist forces that our government would react much in the way that Israel has.

Israel is a country that is under attack daily by an enemy that is unwilling to compromise or even recognize the country's right to exist, and I am offended that any American, of any party, would begrudge Israel the right of self defense.

Jenna L said...

Jenna hearts Adam

Adam Hearts Dems said...

i am not interested in bashing the state of israel, nor i am taking a "left-wing" position on israel, i happen to have lots of family in israel, my mother was once an israeli citizen, and i am jewish. my criticism of israel's actions are entirely because i wish the best for israel and i believe that israel's foreign policy strategy and tactics are misdirected and counterproductive. i criticize their actions because i believe that while there may be some short-term gain for israel, the long-term consequences of their action is more violence, more alienation, less international sympathy, and more of a chance that israel will lose critical support for its cause. israel's actions today demonstrate that it is thinking about vengeance rather than about peace. jews are better than this, and if israel wishes to take the high ground and act morally righteous, then it must do more than make overtures to peace, but champion it and make nonviolence its organizing strategy. i believe it can work, and i do not accept the idea that more violence will ever lead to peace.

OrSkolnik said...

You're right, Adam-- more violence doesn't lead to peace. But sometimes, you have no choice, and in the end, the first responsibility of every nation is to protect its citizens from harm. You've blogged a lot about how American soldiers are dying in Iraq, and how we must do whatever we can to stop these senseless deaths. If we were instead under attack at home and American soldiers were dying senseless deaths in America, I hope you would agree that we would protect them with any force necessary.