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There's an old trick in politics. When the polity is divided on an issue, demonize the other side and then co-opt their ideas. It works wonders. The Republicans know the game.

Nixon did it in Vietnam. Calling the hippie protesters crazy kids and the like and demonizing the left for trying to make America look weak, Nixon began his program of Vietnamization and withdrew American forces while secretly negotiating peace with the North Vietnamese.

Clinton did it with Republicans on welfare reform. He demonized the Republicans as being harsh and uncompassionate with regard to those in poverty while supporting and signing a welfare reform bill itself and claiming the credit.

Well, President Bush hasn't forgotten the 'Ole Switcharoo.

After last week's fantastic villification of Democrats as the party of "cut and run," no one could have expected that President Bush would be secretly planning to cut and run himself.

On Friday, the Times of London reported that the Iraqi government would announce a 28 point peace plan worked on by our Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, the Iraqi government, and an array of insurgent groups during secret negotiations over the last few months. Part of the plan involves a "UN-approved timeline for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq."

Furthermore, our top commander in Iraq, General George Casey, was reported to have briefed officials of his plan to begin a withdrawal of American forces immediately and would withdraw essentially all American troops by the summer of 2009.

What happened to President Bush's argument that setting a deadline would just allow the insurgents and terrorists to wait us out? Or what about the President's argument that we wouldn't leave until Iraqi security forces can defend themselves? Or what about the President's argument that leaving would send a signal to Iraq, our allies, and the world that America makes messes and then doesn't stay to clean them up? Or what about his call that we stay until we've accomplished the mission?

The President has lied to us again. Does anyone else here see a pattern? The President has consistently lied about Iraq and I'm sick of it. We need to hold this President accountable.


Pam said...

Amen, brother!

Jeremy said...

Exactly. That is perhaps the best reason that the public must keep in mind for the elections in November. It is high time that we had seperations of powers, and with a rubber stamp congress like we have now that is as likely to truly question the president as the President is not to smirk within the span of 5 minutes. Some people are afraid that if the Democrats take over the house all we will have is hearing after hearing castigizing the Bush administration. That is exactly what this country needs. We need to show the world that we can hold our own President accountable. That is the only way to stem the tide of anti-americanism that has spread throughout the world. A dangerous anti-americanism that spreads hatred, and destroys chances for the United States to have a good impact on the world in the future.