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Dear George,

Well, you did it again. You went back on TV and told me about how important it was that you and your cronies work to change my Constitution to protect marriage. In your first speech about the Defense of Marriage, not only did state that marriage is the "most fundamental institution of civilization" (yeah, Britney Spears ruins the fundamentality of every institution...). But the most important thing you said in your speech was that the government should listen to the people on an issue as important as this one.

George, this Amerian wants to be heard (along with at least 47% of the population, including your wife and VP). How dare you try to change my Constitution into a vehicle for hate and inequality. How dare you try to use your religious agenda to gain more votes and call yourself compassionate! Compassion is about trying to understand others and you have tried only to understand Christian conservatives.

I think you should try being compassionate about AIDS. You may have forgotten (what with the war and oil problems), but the world is facing an epidemic. I think instead of protecting Americans from gay people, we should protect Americans (and all people) from AIDS. Today marks the day that people were first introduced a strange pneumonia 25 years ago. This 'pneumonia' later became known as AIDS, a disease that has destroyed the lives of countless millions (we may have forgotten about Poland, but you, my friend, have forgotten about Africa).

The only protection I want to hear you talk about today is the condom (which is one of the best sources of protection against HIV, besides your favorite, abstinence). Besides, you should be worrying about the protection of your precious Republican house. Let the states worry about protecting their people from gay marriage!

Here's to hope for a cure. Let's be the generation that ends AIDS.


Rach C said...

Well said, Liz! I say, let's save lives instead of ruining them. A family is a family no matter what it looks like to our dear ol' pal George.