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Free from the constraints of having to moderate (I guess?) his views for re-election, Santorum exits stage far-right with a bang....

By a vote of 95-2, the Senate approved President Bush's defense secretary nominee Wednesday... Two Republican senators -- Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Jim Bunning of Kentucky -- cast the only no votes.
I guess Bob Gates is soft on terror? Or homosexuals? One or the other... Islamofascism, we hardly knew you.


Anonymous said...

Santorum..what an ass. Can see the Trivia Pursuit question now: Who was the biggest asshole in the Senate during the turn of the 21st century?

Liz Fossett said...

i wish we could say it was jim bunning's final act as well.

he just didn't think gates was the best candidate out there.

readhead said...

Rick "Man on dog" Santorum at least had a reason, that he didn't agree with Gates's wanting to engage diplomatically with Iran and Syria. Bunning just mumbled about kids these days before an attendant brought him some jello.