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I'm going to try and keep the pictures relatively timely, but this gem from earlier in the year is just too good to pass up. Use the comments to give your most creative caption to the following picture:

The winner will be posted next Sunday in next week's Caption Contest. We want to give Speaker Hastert a fitting goodbye, so do your worst...


OrSkolnik said...

I'll start it off:

"We keep him in the back room just in case anyone asks for birth control."

Chris Dodge said...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Damen und Herrn, madams et messieurs, I give you ...HASTERTSTEIN!"

leaveonlyfootprints said...

Ready for your checkup, 'Merika? heh heh heh...Denny 'n I are gonna fix you right up.

Ben said...

Time to make the donuts

Adam Hearts Dems said...

Dr. Frankenstein and his Creation