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This is the beginning of a weekly blog posting here at the GUCD blog called Queen of the Wrong. We will be tracking that blonde devil of a right-winger as she spouts illogical soliloquies about inane and irrelevant problems.

This week, Coulter's column (repulsive rant, more like it) is essentially a follow-up to her last column about Muslims and how we should ban them from flying. In it, she supplies us with words of great wisdom like:

After the attacks of 9/11, profiling Muslims is more like profiling the Klan.
Perfect sense, right? The Klan is a group entirely composed of lynching racists, who wear underwear on their heads and poke holes in them for their eyes. They all burn crosses, they all try to kill Jews, Catholics, blacks, and so much more. And according to Coulter, Muslims are kinda the same thing, right? I mean, they all clearly want to kill large groups of innocent people, and they wear turbans, right? And they like to burn crosses every now and then. It's funny, though, cause I just went to Kinko's and a nice Arab man named Ahmad didn't try to kill me cause I'm Jewish. He happened to be polite and courteous and was extremely helpful. Shame on me for not tipping the man!

In fact, I happened to go to Quick Pita the other night and the employees were extremely generous to me. Somehow, I didn't get the feeling that they were plotting how to kill large swaths of ethnic groups and burn religious symbols.

But what do I know? I mean, I'm sure than some Klan members don't really hate black people either. There are exceptions to every rule, right? Well, not really.

Coulter should just come out and say it, she hates Muslims. She hates them because they failed to convert to Christianity, a religion so peaceful that its adherents have spent two millenia killing more people in His name than other any religion in history. Crusades, violence during the Reformation, colonialism, do these sound like actions of a perfect religion?

Organized religion is inherently dysfunctional, and bound to get caught up in violence. But this kind of tasteless banter that demonizes all Muslims and calls for their humiliation and constant surveillance under a cloud of persistent suspicion is inhumane.

If I had my way, I would imprison Ann Coulter in the body of a man named Jesus Christ, a man who, simply because of his faith alone, faced nonstop persecution and eventually death. But what am I saying, I shouldn't be expecting a rigid faith from a woman who spends her life writing about how our society is not stingy, greedy, or intolerant enough!

In the column, Coulter mentions the Hadith, or the sayings of the Prophet, as justification of why Islam teaches Muslims to kill Jews:
At Reagan National this week, Rabbis joined the Muslims at the prayer protest -- though one imagines they did not share this prayer from the Hadith: "And the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: 'O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'" In fairness, they usually save that one for the high holidays, like the "Festival of the Six Dead Jews" or "Honor Killing Week."

Nor this one, also from the Hadith: "The Prophet said: 'The Hour will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. The Muslims will kill the Jews. Rejoice! Rejoice in Allah's victory!'" (Is it just me, or might some fanatic twist those words into an excuse to kill Jews?)
What Coulter clearly doesn't understand is that in Islamic law, the Hadith is subservient to the law of the Qur'an, which precedes all else. And the Qur'an clearly states that Jews are a "People of the Book" and that murder of innocents is always a one-way ticket to Hell.

But what should you expect from a she-devil like Ann Coulter? I guess a post next week about how Asians should be kept from driving. It wouldn't surprise me. The Queen of the Wrong never does.


Chris Dodge said...

I can also attest to Ahmad's courteous service at Kinkos. All organized religions are inherently evil? Better watch yourself Mr. Godless Northener, the Hindus and Buddhists might take exception to your gross characterization, and when those mofos get mad, you best be watching your back.

Jenna L said...

God Adam, you know how I feel about vampires... my next two weeks of vampire research are now going to be plagued by Ann Coulter nightmares.

Thanks a lot!