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Republicans this week have not only failed to protect 16 year-old pages, but also 4 have died and 9 were wounded in the three schools shootings in the United States of America. This is despicable and unnecessary.

Because so many right-wingnuts get huge contributions from the NRA, any true form of gun control is difficult to come by. A government run by an organization whose leadership says thing like: "America’s problem with gun violence is due to its “mixed ethnicity.”" and "Gun control is using both hands", is not a government that is good for the people. In 2000, more than 9 people a day, under age 19, were killed by a gun [http://www.bradycampaign.org/facts/factsheets/].

These school shootings should be further proof that the NRA must be curbed and we, as a country, not blue vs. red, must consider gun control to be a top priority. I am not saying that we need to outlaw hunting or anything else extreme, but it is necessary that ban assault weapons and work to keep guns out of hands in which they do not belong.