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On myDD this morning, a post analyzing a recent Quinlan Rosner poll explains that unmarried men and women are wayyy more likely to vote for Democrats.

Go ahead and read RFK Action Front's post, because he probably did a better summary than I could, but think about this interesting poll. He says that marriage is a better indicator of voting preference than income, age, education or income. Bottom line, Quinlan Rosner explains that if unmarried women (ahem, young women...) would vote in larger numbers, they would probably swing elections everywhere - in our favor!

From a Edison/Mitolsky/CNN Network 2006 exit poll
Married Men voted Democratic 47%; Republican 51%
Married Women voted Democratic 48%; Republican 50%
Unmarried Men voted Democratic 62%; Republican 36%
Unmarried Women voted Democratic 66%; Republican 32%


OrSkolnik said...

Interesting... yet another reason to hold off on marriage!

Jenna L said...

Should we all read something into that comment, Or?

OrSkolnik said...

... no comment.