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Those of you who know me and my politics know I’m a big fan of the third way-type politics of moderate Democrats like Bill Clinton and the organization he once headed, the Democratic Leadership Council. Once a required stop for any presidential hopeful, the Politico reports that the DLC got dissed this cycle, as every single ’08er will be skipping over its convention in Nashville this week (even HRC, whose husband built the DLC into the political powerhouse it is today). But the Big Three, Hillary, Obama, and Edwards, (+Gravel and Kucinich, if you care, which I don’t) all managed to find time to swing by Columbia, South Carolina last week to address the annual College Democrats of America convention at the University of South Carolina.

I was there, and let me tell you, it was electrifying. Being surrounded by hundreds of other informed, active college students is nothing short of inspiring. I met dozens of future officeholders and political staffers, and it was refreshing to be surrounded by young people who can school you in political history by day, rattling off the names and victory margins of all our 2006 senatorial candidates, and drink you (should you be of legal age, of course) under the table by night.

Barack Obama spoke on Friday and wowed the convention with a powerful speech exhorting College Dems to "prove the cynics wrong", saying "let's show that you do make a difference, that America is ready to listen to the next generation." After the speech, the crowds surged towards Obama the way most college students would towards Dave Matthews.

Ask any College Dem, and I’m sure they’ll tell you which one is the bigger rock star.

391 days ‘til CDA 2008 in Denver! Hope I’ll see you all there.


OrSkolnik said...

Dave Matthews? Who is he? One of the Republicans running for President?

I'm glad you enjoyed the CDA, and I'm even more glad that all the major candidates chose to address the convention. We're all going to be working night and day to get them elected, after all :).

(and I'm JUST KIDDING on the Dave Matthews front -- I'm pretty bad at pop culture, but not that bad.)