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I like Al Gore. He's a nice guy, obviously very intelligent, a good politician, very experienced, and pretty funny. He also made a great movie and was smart enough to be against Iraq from the start, and he probably has more domestic, foreign policy, legislative, and executive experience than anyone currently running for President. Hell, he was even elected President already!

But I just can't get excited about him. Maybe it's because while I certainly believe that we need to seriously protect our environment and invest in renewable energy, the environment and global warming is not among the top issues for me.

But on a more important note, why would anyone want Al Gore to be President, not that he wouldn't be a very good one, but what urge do you have for him to run, say over someone like Gary Hart or Mario Cuomo or any of the older, more experienced, smart, and great old hands of the Democratic party who have been out of it for a while. Why Al Gore?

Seriously, tell me.


leaveonlyfootprints said...

maybe you can't get excited about him because he's not Barack Obama...

seriously though, i think there is a strong sense among a lot of people that Al Gore has "earned it." He's already won a presidential election (at least, got more votes) and there are very few people now who look back at 2000 and are pleased with what happened. I think a lot of people are also impressed by how he's turned his image around and really loosened up now that he's pursuing something without a ton of advisers, etc. He sounds better than ever. I think his outspoken stances, combined with the sense of justice, provide the "why" that you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

I do like Mario Cuomo, but he is way too old now.

Liz Fossett said...

he's not the person for the job this time. he is doing more for big issues now and should continue.

Kipp! said...

I agree with Alex. When you combine the fact that many people beleive he was wronged in 2000, and many more view the last 6 years of GW with regret, Gore presents a logical chance at redemption. He still possesses all of the strengths from '00, but with few of the flaws. Hes more charismatic, personable, more genuine (or at least he comes off that way), and he has the balls to stand up for what he believes (or more importantly, what I believe). Im not saying hes my favorite, but if he were to jump in hed immediately be one of our stongest candidates.

leaveonlyfootprints said...

but Liz, how could he possibly do less for those big issues if he were president?