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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a cat fight! As Kramer would say, maybe they'll start kissing!

Kucinich auditioned in Nevada (make sure you pronounce it right or you'll be Stephanopoulosed) yesterday to be Spinning-Instructor-in-Chief.

Mike Gravel has a $250 suit. When asked whether it was made by American workers, he said it was made in the land of has-beens and long-shots.

Bill Richardson wants Democrats to run a positive campaign. Didn't he get this memo?

Al Gore will win the Oscar for Best Documentary on Sunday. When asked what he will wear, he said it would be a carbon-neutral Gucci see-through dress.

Prince Harry wants to go to Abu Ghraib prison when he gets to Iraq. He hears the sex there is kinkier than at Buckingham palace.

That's a wrap!


Donna said...

Perhaps Al Gore was thinking about accessorizing with one of these? Gucci Handbags