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Remember Team America: World Police, one of the 21st century's greatest cinematic achievements? You should. Unfortunately, some Republicans seem not to. I wish this was a joke, but Tom Tancredo-- a Colorado Republican, and one of the most virulent opponents of immigration in Congress-- has started Team America PAC.

Someone really should sit Tom Tancredo down and watch Team America with him. Tancredo may be a little nuts, but I'm pretty sure he's firmly anti-puppet sex. I wouldn't want any sort of embarrassment to come to the poor Congressman.

On the bright side, this entire Team America business gives me an idea. I just might know how to resurrect Santorum's dying political career...


Greg from NV said...

Wow--I am amazed to see the movie Team America lauded as "one of the 21st century's greatest cinematic achievements" on a blog run by democrats. Perhaps you should instead call yourselves dumbocrats! Did you even get the point of the movie? That even if America may be at times reckless and insensitive in its war on terror, we're the only people willing to do the right think when it really counts! And look at how your precious left-wing heroes, Hollywood celebs, are treated. They are traitors so blinded by their misguided zealotry that they become pawns of the terrorists trying to destroy their very way of life. In retaliation for their treason, each lefty is rewarded with a gruesome death! Perhaps the most satisfying of all is the self-immolation of the left-wing's minister of propaganda Michael Moore, my favorite hot dog-wielding marionette of the entire film!

I'm sure my post will be removed, despite the left's self-proclaimed title as defenders of free speech. Then again, perhaps you'll simply be stunned that someone actually took the time to read your blog and even post a comment. Based on the frequency of "0 Comments" I've seen, I may be the first and only person to ever do so!