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Just quick reminder: A lot of us later states have primaries coming up in August and September. Don't forget to register if you want to be able to vote in the Democratic primary! It's easy to forget, what with the laziness of summer and nice hot days by the pool beckoning, but some states require you to register at least 30 days before the election, so don't get too caught up in the attractions of the weather and miss your state's deadlines. For a comprehensive list of links and deadlines for all 50 states, go here.

For those of you who are already registered, you're not of the hook-- make sure your family, friends, and neighbors have their ballots, too! You should also be careful to check for ID requirements, rules and deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot (if you'll be at school for the election), and how to take advantage of early voting (if your state has it).

Remember, it's quick, it's simple, and it's the easiest way to get involved. It's your government, people.


Jeremy said...

For Massachusetts residents there is a very important primary on the 19th of September for the Democractic Nomination for Governor. We need to pick a strong Democratic, such as Attorney General Tom Reilly, so that we can finally retake the corner office after 16 years of Republican Governors. You can pick up an absentee request form from your town clerk or online, and mail it in as soon as possible. The primary will come up very soon after school has started, and it will be a very close three way race so every vote will count.

Liz Fossett said...

so glad you posted this!

dems, this is a HUGE year for us and every vote WILL count.

Adam Hearts Dems said...

sorry jeremy, but tom reilley is hardly a strong democrat, he is part of the old boston machine that will just keep losing the governorship to a republican time after time. democrats should support deval patrick, who is an inspiring and upstanding candidate and who will make mass. and the rest of the country proud. and he'll win in a blowout over healey.

Jenna L said...

On this topic:

A Bloomberg/ LATimes poll of Americans age 18-24 found Bush's approval rating was 20%, with 53% disapproving.

Now vote!