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Just in case you weren't watching, today:

  • George Bush called for diplomacy with North Korea (you know, after they played with nuclear weapons), but warned that it would take some time. Funny how we're willing to wait for conversation with North Korea but couldn't wait for Saddam to talk...I guess NK at least has WMDs. How can we trust him to take care of this issue? This is more about national security than Iraq ever was and we need someone strong and capable to keep us safe.
  • The New York Supreme Court decided it was not unconstitutional to ban gay marriage in the state. The judges went so far as to state that stability was an issue with gay marriages and that because of this, children could be potentially hurt if not raised in a household with a man and a woman. Stability? Do they know what the divorce rate is in NYC?
  • Last night, the man who committed one of the largest fraudulent crimes in history, died of a heart attack. Where's the justice, people? Ken Lay didn't have to live with guilt, knowing that he had taken away the retirement of thousands of innocent, hardworking Americans. The man died in his vacation home in Colorado without ever even seeing his jail sentence (not that I think a jail sentence was enough...).
  • And, on top of all of this, 3 people were arrested for trying to sell Coke's recipe to Pepsi. That's right, 3 Americans were trying to cheapen the wonderful, caffeinated concotion that we all adore. I mean, I'm downright offended. I'm not kidding when I say that the fact that Georgetown is a Coke campus definitely helped me make that tough college decision...

With all of this news, some days I just feel like I should turn off the news and get back to sleep. We all need to keep hoping that we wake up to a better, bluer 2006!