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Powershift 2007, a four-day national youth conference, will convene at University of Maryland tomorrow. The conference is sponsored by the Energy Action Coalition and is expected to attract 6,000 students from all over the country (including many Georgetown students). Powershift aims to increase energy and environmental awareness among students, and encourage political participation as well. Its goals are to “to make the U.S. Presidential candidates and Congress take global warming seriously, to empower a truly diverse network of young leaders, and to achieve broad geographic diversity”.

Powershift 2007 is the largest national youth summit of its kind, and will feature keynote speakers such Nancy Pelosi and Carol Browner of the Environmental Protection Agency. After two days of workshops and panels, the conference will travel to D.C. to lobby Congress and to rally on the steps of Capitol Hill.

“Power Shift will take the climate movement to new levels. At this conference, leaders of our generation will share ideas, learn new skills, make new connections, establish a national voice for our generation, and send a united message to our national leaders: we are moving beyond the same old special interests, empty promises, and inadequate results to embrace a new paradigm that leverages our strengths and achieves what is possible for our future. Something incredible is happening.”


Katherine said...

Powershift is an empowering event for all young, ambitious students around the country. The environmental cause is really hitting strides this weekend. In addition to Powershift 2007, Nov. 3 is National Day of Climate Change and Step It Up is being held in such big cities as New York and San Francisco.

I am working with a coalition that is trying to get Congress to pass better fuel and energy standards in Congress. Nancy Pelosi has been a huge support of the Energy Bill 2007 and hope that she made more young individuals aware of the issue at Powershift. Check out www.energybill2007.org. and learn more about CAFE and RES standards and how Americans with benefit from the green change.