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In the show The Simpsons, the Springfield Republican Party consists of select members of society who sit in a dark dungeon, usually during thunderstorms, and conceive ways to push a conservative agenda throughout Springfield. Members include successful businessman Montgomery Burns, congressman Krusty the Clown, the Rich Texan, action hero Rainier Wolfcastle, and Dracula.

This setup is strikingly familiar to that of the Council for National Policy (minus Dracula, plus Jesus enthusiasts). Formed in 1981, the CNP is basically a networking institute for conservatives who wish to influence various aspects of society into following a “morally correct” framework.
“Members include corporate executives, television evangelists, legislators, former military or high ranking government officers, leaders of 'think tanks' dedicated to molding society and those who many view as Christian leadership.” (check out http://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.htm for more info). Meetings are held publicly unannounced, and guest speakers, including VP Dick Cheney (Dracula??) rarely talk to the press about their addresses, which are not recorded.

When looking at the issues they are most concerned with, their list follows the typical Republican ideals – “conventional” values, shared Christian tradition, military freedom, and administrations that can do what they want. Original? No. Powerful? God, yes. The CNP can monetarily influence nearly any facet of society into following their instructions, thanks to their high-ranking members. An added bonus? Many of the members are not media-recognizable, at least not by their face alone. Would you be able to pick the head of the NRA out of a lineup? This relative anonymity allows the members to hold the reins of the Republican Party without worrying about over-exposure.

Now to put the conspiracy-theories into play. After a meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 29th, talks emerged of a Republican-supported third party candidate, if relatively “liberal” Rudy Guiliani gets the presidential nomination. As terrifying as the authority of this secret organization may seem, a split vote between Guiliani and a third-party conservative Christian (potential crazy-person) candidate would be a Godsend to the Democratic candidate. Let’s face it, with a white woman and a black man as our two leading contenders, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

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