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Help us host a lively presidential debate on September 19th by submitting questions for the candidates!

The College Dems are hosting a presidential debate on Wednesday, September 19th at 8:00 PM in ICC 107. We have recruited three Georgetown Government Department professors to moderate and, to make their job a little eaiser, we want to provide them with a list of questions they can draw on during the debate. That's where we need your help.

We have divided the debate into eight rounds, each one centered on a different topic. We would really appreciate it if you could each write a question or two based on those topics so that we can put together a list for the professors. Your questions can be general or for a specific candidate. Your questions can be on topics that have received extensive media attention or on more obscure topics. Post your questions as comments to this entry. The round topics are below. Thanks for your help and see you on the 19th!

Round 1 - Personal, character, and media questions (i.e. Senator Kerry, how do you respond to those who say that you are a flip-flopper)
Round 2 - Iraq
Round 4 - Education and Student Issues
Round 5 -Environmental and Energy Issues
Round 6 - Foreign Policy (Includes all non-Iraq issues, such as Iran, Darfur, North Korea, Nuclear Issues, and the War on Terror.)
Round 7 - Social Issues (i.e. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Gun Control)
Round 8 - Urban, Poverty, and Labor Issues