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The talking heads on TV are constantly talking about how the Democrats aren't able to beat the Republicans on national security and values. Well, there's one issue where the GOP has not only failed miserably on national security, but they have failed their own alleged committment to moral values. This issue is Darfur.

The genocide in Darfur is a national security and values issue. Let's explain some background on Darfur. In early 2003, anti-Sudanese government rebels attacked government installations and the mostly Arab government used its proxy, an Arab militia called the Janjaweed, to massacre the rebels. The government provided air support, weapons, logistics, and training to the Janjaweed and they didn't stop with the rebels. Once the rebels had been killed, the Janjaweed moved on to civilians. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, as much as 400,000 if you include deaths from starvation and disease caused by dislocation. Millions more have been raped, injured, removed from their homes, and stripped of their most basic property. The Janjaweed has carried on this slow genocide for over two years now, and it is time to act.

Condoleeza Rice has called it a genocide, so has President Bush, so has Colin Powell, and so has Kofi Annan. It is time to act.

What we can do immediately is make this a major issue. President Bush should travel the world and build support for a UN anti-genocide force in Darfur. If China and Russia veto a UN force, we should go to NATO. If NATO refuses, we should build a coalition to take on this genocide. But we must build a force now, not in a matter of months, but in a matter of days. We can stop this genocide, if we put the troops on the ground. But it requires a spine, something this administration seems to lack.

There is a rally to Save Darfur on the Mall this Sunday from 2-4. Buses are leaving from Healy Gates at 1. Let's go and push the administration to work harder on this issue. Plus, Barack Obama will be there, and you guys know how much I love him!