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I was surprised last night at how many of my fellow Comm staffers held as high an opinion of Ted Kennedy as I do. Currently, the top rated diary on Kos is linking to a speech Kennedy gave the other day reinforcing his status as greatest living Senator. I'm not sure how to embed video, so I'll just give the link here, but to his naysayers and to those who chuckle at him, watch this and tell me again that he isn't the best Senator we've got.


"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die."

Edward Kennedy


Shag said...

Hi Chris,

You can embed youtube videos very easily. When you watch a video on YouTube, there should be a spot to the right of the video area that says "embed" with some text in it. You just cut and paste this text into the HTML of your post, and it will appear when you publish.

I only know this because I just posted the video of Kennedy's amazing speech this morning, just wanted to help out a fellow blogger.

Ben said...

Should point out that the "Dream shall never die" speech was written by Georgetown alum Bob Shrum