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I've been at the John Hall for Congress headquarters all day, and we've got some nasty stuff coming from the RNC right now. They are making robocalls to registered Dems and undecideds in the district (NY-19) that start off saying "I'm calling with some information about John Hall." It goes on to have a negative message. Basically, this is a win-win for the GOP because voters either hear negative information about John or they are called back by the computer as many as 7 or 8 times if they hang up, so they think they are being harassed by the Hall campaign. NASTY! You can hear the actual call here.

Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo, along with a bunch of other blogs, are reporting that this isn't an isolated phenomenon. Apparently, it's happening in districts all over the country. I guess the Republicans decided they couldn't win honestly so they resorted to this.

It's working, too. We've been canvassing for two days now, and we are getting a lot of angry voters complaining about the calls. When we explain that it is the Republicans, the voters tend to be on our side, but how are we going to tell all of the people called that it isn't our fault?

Sue Kelly is clearly very scared. Watch her run away. And hide.


OrSkolnik said...

This is a really despicable technique. The thing is, robocalls are so cheap (costing around 10-12 cents per successful call) that this is an extraordinarily effective way to reach whole congressional districts in a more expensive media market (it'd cost about $60,000 to reach the whole district-- compare that to the price of ads). Because the NRCC's name is at the end, voters really do think it's from the Hall campaign :(. The FEC really needs to regulate this stuff.