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According to Fox News (I know, since when do we get news from the ones who called Mark Foley a Democrat), an internal GOP poll predicts that midterm elections will go badly for Republican House candidates unless Speaker Hastert resigns. This Fox report says that if Hastert stays, the GOP could 50 lose seats! That's as opposed to 20 if he resigns (notice either way the number is over 15).

As of now, Republicans seem to be standing by Hastert (as is good old W). While many are calling for an investigation of the scandal, calls for the Speaker's resignation seem to be coming only from Democrats. Could this poll change that? This from Fox:

The same pollster who provided the gloomy news on Hastert's effect on GOP candidates nationwide did send out an advisory on Tuesday to rank-and-file Republicans that they might consider canceling appearances with Hastert in their districts. Hours later, Rep. Ron Lewis of Kentucky announced he was canceling a fundraiser scheduled for next week where Hastert was supposed to be the headliner.
Democratic challengers across the country are rushing to take advantage of the Foley scandal. CNN reported today that the first campaign ad featuring Foley just hit the wires. Challenger, and former Representative Baron Hill aired an ad in Indiana's 9th district demanding that the Republican incumbent, Rep. Mike Sodrel, return almost $80,000 in campaign contributions from the GOP House leadership who knew about Foley's actions.
Also, in New York's 19th district, challenger John Hall is criticizing Rep. Sue Kelly for either not knowing, or helping to cover up the Foley scandal. Kelly was on the page board from 1999-2001, according to one staffer, though she (conveniently) "can't remember the exact dates." See Hall campaign's press release for more info.

So the moral of the story is, Democrats are well on their way to gaining more seats than just the Florida 16th.