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Now that he has defeated Mr. Lieberman, Ned Lamont needs our support more than ever since, as expected, Mr. Lieberman has decided to leave the Democratic party and run as an independent. I think that Lieberman is the epitome of the old Democratic Party, which prided itself on weak candidates who were too concerned with getting reelected to put their foot down and stand firm on an issue. Lieberman is not only weak, but he is boring, and he panders. Most of all, however, is that he is conservative.

His conservatism stems from a number of issues. He says he was held to a litmus test in this election. If the issue at question were his vote for the Bush/Cheney/Lieberman energy policy, I could understand. I could even understand if the issue at question was his support for reinserting the feeding tube into Terri Sciavo (one of the ONLY democrats to vote for the preposterous bill). However, the issue at stake is not his energy vote, or Terri Schiavo, or his support for any of the other issues that he has voted with the Republicans on…except one. It is the Iraq War. Whatever your feelings for why we went in (although I still do not think there is a legitimate excuse), his continued support for the Administration’s failed war and his condemnation of his (former) Democratic colleagues for their disapproval of the war is despicable.

Joe Lieberman is not being held to account for his support of a conservative issue; he is being held to account for his support of THE conservative issue. He has been lauded as “Bush’s favorite Democrat” and Bush himself has on numerous occasions called on Democrats to be more like Joe Lieberman. He has expressed his love for party and the need for Democrats to have an honest, moderate voice. I believe moderation is fine, but I believe we have many moderates in the Democratic Party and I still consider many of them Democrats, not a distinction that can still hold for Lieberman. When I hear Joe Lieberman express his continuing support for George Bush’s policies in Iraq, and his disapproval for those who oppose the war (joining Bush in calling them unpatriotic), I cannot distinguish him from any other Republican in office.

Finally, Joe Lieberman was so in line with the Democratic Party platform and had such loyalty, that when he lost, as he stated throughout the campaign, he fled the Democratic Party and has decided to run as an independent. Good riddance says I. We must be firm; we must been unwavering. Most of all, we must love our party. Vote Lamont in November.


Liz Fossett said...

ben, this was a great blog.

the people have spoken, and this is what is beautiful about the situation. democracy has worked in Connecticut. a Senator was held accountable for his actions, because the people had CHOICE.

no one has any more right to be in our legislative body than the people give him, and, joe, the people have taken away your right. this revocation does not mean you go and run as an independent; it means you've been fired for your job performance and you should look elsewhere for employment...perhaps the white house is hiring? or, gasp, the private sector?